Peace in Israel

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Divine Promises to the Patriarchs: The Biblical Foundation of the Land Covenant
Introduction: The story of God’s covenant with the patriarchs—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—is a fundamental...
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Defining the Boundaries: The Land of Israel as Described in Numbers 34:1–15
In a momentous occasion at the brink of entering their promised land, the children of Israel received...
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DALL·E 2023-10-31 14.14.15 - illustration of a detailed satellite view of Israel, highlighting its diverse landscapes
From Horeb to the Promised Land: Moses' Final Encouragement in Deuteronomy 1:1—11
As Moses stands on the precipice of his earthly journey, he addresses the Nation of Israel with a powerful...
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DALL·E 2023-11-13 17.56
Divine Promise and Earthly Bounty: Understanding Deuteronomy 11:24
In the poignant farewell speech of Moses, a vivid description emerges of a land unlike any other – a...
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DALL·E 2023-11-13 14.32
The Promise of Renewal: Reflections on Jeremiah 31:4—16
Introduction: In the heart of Jewish history lies a period of pain and displacement, marked vividly by...
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Unlocking Strategies for Lasting Peace: The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Wisdom
Introduction In a world filled with constant conflict and shifting alliances, it’s essential...
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