One G-d, One Land, One People: A Reflection on the Rebbe’s Teachings

The Jewish people’s relationship with the Almighty and the land of Israel is an eternal bond forged by divine decree. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, often emphasized the singularity of this bond and its roots in the Torah.

1. The Divine Promise

The Rebbe highlighted that the promise of the land of Israel to the Jewish people was made by G-d Himself. From the covenant with Abraham to the revelations to Moses, the Almighty consistently affirmed Israel as the inheritance of the Jewish nation. This isn’t merely a historical claim but a divine edict that underscores the unique relationship between G-d and His chosen people.

2. The Unity of G-d’s Will

Drawing from the Shema, the declaration of Jewish faith, the Rebbe taught that the oneness of G-d is intrinsically linked to the oneness of His will. Just as there is only one G-d, His will is singular and unchanging. This includes His eternal promise of the land of Israel to the Jewish people.

3. Israel: A Land Like No Other

For the Rebbe, the land of Israel was not just another piece of territory. It was a land infused with holiness and purpose. Every stone, every grain of sand, resonates with divine energy and the collective soul of the Jewish people. It’s a land where the presence of G-d can be felt most profoundly.

4. A People with a Purpose

The Rebbe often emphasized that the Jewish people were chosen by G-d for a specific mission: to be a light unto the nations and to fulfill the divine commandments. The land of Israel serves as the ideal backdrop for this mission, where the Jewish people can realize their potential and bring about global redemption.

5. The Road Ahead

While recognizing the historical and political complexities surrounding Israel, the Rebbe always viewed the land through a lens of faith and divine purpose. He encouraged Jews worldwide to strengthen their connection to Israel, both physically and spiritually, and to work towards the ultimate redemption.

In the vast landscape of Jewish thought, the Rebbe’s teachings on Israel stand as a beacon of clarity and inspiration. They remind us of the unbreakable bond between one G-d, one land, and one people, as eternally inscribed in the sacred pages of the Torah.

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