In 1982, after the residents of the Upper Galilee had been forced to spend night after night in bomb shelters out of fear of Katyusha rockets, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon with the intent of rooting out the PLO terrorist bases there.At the outset, the campaign met with almost miraculous success. One enemy position after …

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A Viable Option

by Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski The tragic assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin has effectively humbled into submission any meaningful voice of dissent to the current peace process. There is no opposition today worthy of its name. This eerie silence, at a time when Israel is deciding its very fate, is unsettling and very …

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The objection of the Rebbe against the so called “peace process.”

“What is foremost now is to object forcefully to any compromise.” (Free translation) Table of Contents What is most important now, is the strongest of objections� * Some may come forward and argue that this has nothing to do with us * There are none who oppose it, or who raise any objection whatsoever * The essence of …

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