Index of the Rebbe’s Talks
Concerning Shleimus HaAretz
From the Years 5728 — 5752
(1968 — 1992)

The following pages contain references and short excerpts from letters, public addresses, and private audiences of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Through a careful examination of this material, one can become much more aware of the correct Jewish attitude toward the Holy Land.

All the public addresses listed here can be found in the multivolume set called, "Hisvaadiyos."

Excerpt from a private audience with Member of Knesset Professor Avner Shaki, 5728.

Letter of Kislev, 5729 (1969)

Shabbos Parshas Matos-Masei, 5729: Many troubles for the Jewish Nation were caused by King Achav’s chasing Aram to make "peace." They are willing to give up everything just so that an Arab will sit together with them at the same table. The reason the Arabs are not willing to sit down at the negotiating table with them is that G-d is hardening their hearts. Jerusalem always did and always will continue to belong to the Jews. Regarding a gentile who lives in Jerusalem — it is only to his detriment.

Purim, 5738: Discusses the connection between Diaspora Jews and the Holy Land. The right of a Jew to state his opinion about the Holy Land. Our right to the Holy Land.

Shabbos Eikev, 5730: The miraculous victory of the Six-Day War stemmed from Israel’s preemptive attack. Compromise on Jerusalem, Hebron, and the Golan Heights is a humiliation to Israel. The cease fire allowed the enemy to regroup and delayed true peace.

The Second Day of Sukkos, 5731: The power of the nations, in their source, emanates from the Jews. The need to make assemblies of Holiness to counteract assemblies of the United Nations.

The Night of Simchas Torah, 5731 (1970): No human being has control over the Children of Israel since they are sons of the Kings.

Shabbos Noach, Second Day of Rosh Chodesh MarCheshvan, 5731: The Knesset passed a law that forbids Jews to live in Hebron!! Kiryat Arba — is Hebron?! The Arab Mayor of Hebron had a part in the massacre of Jews in 1929. One who acquires land through murder does not establish ownership over the property, and does not create a status quo. The Arabs of Jerusalem had no idea that they would be allowed to remain there. When the majority of residents of Old City Jerusalem will be Arabs, they will need to write laws according to their wishes. Whoever does not recognize the concept of belief and trust in G-d cannot conduct himself in any other way.

19th Kislev, 5731: The Torah teaches us how to treat the enemy after a war. When we do not run after the nations, they disintegrate on their own. For the sake of Jewish unity, everyone is obligated to protest.

11th Shevat, 5731: People are squelching the fact that there was an agreement to give away Hebron — and there is an obligation to protest against this agreement.

Shabbos Bemidbar; Shabbos Naso — 2 and 9 Sivan, 5733: They are concerned about the Arabs more than they are about the Jews. They are not allowing Jews to walk freely in Old City Jerusalem. The deprivation of the Jews in Old Jerusalem.

Shabbos Re’eh, Mevorchim HaChodesh Elul, 5733: When there is no logical reply to the protest, the politicians deny the facts altogether. They twisted my words, and publicized that I said that there are no Jews in Jerusalem. When one thinks about "an elephant travelling through the eye of a needle" during the day, one can also see it in his dreams...

Shabbos Parshas Emor, 5734

20th MarCheshvan, 5735: Behavior which contradicts the Torah and humaneness — all for political power. When information is denied in the newspapers — that is a proof that the information is true.

Simchas Torah Day, 5736: The Torah rules that concerning abandoning territory it is forbidden to consult politicians, one must confer only with the military. The practice of granting concessions — whether in the Sinai, or in the Six Day War, or in the Yom Kippur War — caused subsequent loss of Jewish lives. They are giving away petrol which is essential for the Jews — despite the fact that they have seen in the past that the Egyptians betray their agreements!

Shabbos Parshas Chaye Sarah, Mevorchin HaChodesh Kislev (I), 5736: The Arabs have absolutely no connection with Grave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Shabbos Parshas Chaye Sarah Mevarchin HaChodesh Kislev (II), 5736: Because of their fear of the gentiles, they did not prepare a plan how to conquer Jerusalem.

19th Kislev, 5736: The Rebbe discusses his astonishment at how the rabbis do not publicize a ruling, despite the fact that danger to Jewish lives is involved. The murder of the yeshivah students (may G-d avenge their blood) was a result of the "Interim Agreement," and nothing else! Despite the fact that this incident was committed by the PLO, they are still searching for ways to negotiate with them. We must mainly be wary of the hypocrites who cover up the bitter reality with diplomatic adornments.

Shabbos Mikeitz, Zos Chanukah, 5736: The Jews do not want to take Jerusalem for themselves.

Shabbos Bo, 5736: The obligation not to stand idly by one’s brother blood — especially concerning Jerusalem. The obligation to protest also applies to rabbis of the Diaspora because of the Law, "Do not stand idly by thy brother’s blood." When people call the darkness of golus, "the Beginning of the Redemption," — it is the embodiment of the darkness of the Exile!

10th Shevat, 5736: Ruling of seventy two rabbis that the Land of Israel belongs only to Jews.

Purim, 5736: Instruction to his emissaries who participated in "Operation Purim": Be strong despite the danger!

Shabbos Tzav, Parshas Parah, 5736: Our main problem is to convince the Jews of the fact that the Land of Israel belongs to us...

20th Menachem-Av, 5736: The events at Entebbe caused the politicians to cease talking about giving away land.

Address 5736: Raising the Jordanian flag over the Holy of Holies: the ultimate lack of self respect.

13th Tishrei, 5737: Until this day — parts of Old City Jerusalem and the Cave of our Patriarchs are registered under the name of a non-Jew!

Simchas Torah Day, 5737: Even the non-Jew knows that the Cave of the Patriarchs belongs to Jews.

Erev Shabbos Noach, 5737: The very demand of the non-Jews strengthens and proves the fact that the Cave of the Patriarchs belongs to the Jews. The possibility of dividing the Cave has no basis whatsoever in the Bible.

Eve of 3rd Sivan, 5737: Every Jew in every place is an owner of The Land of Israel. A firm stance on the indivisibility of the Land of Israel is what will bring true peace.

Shabbos Shelach, Mevorchin HaChodesh Tammuz, 5737: Giving territories to non-Jews is forbidden by the Torah prohibition, "Do not grant them favors."

12th Tammuz, 5737

Shabbos Matos-Masei, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, 5737: When the truth is told to the non-Jew — it has an effect.

20th Menachem Av (I), 5737

20th Menachem Av (II), 5737

13th Tishrei, 5738: The activity of populating the entire territory of Israel must be done in conjunction with the negation of arrogant (kochi v’otzem yodi) sentiments that we may harbour, along with views which claim that this is the "beginning of the redemption." If they settled all the territory quietly, the U.S. would not be concerned about it.

Motzoei Shabbos Bereishis, 5738

Motzoei Shabbos Lech Lecha, 5738

Motzoei Shabbos Chaye Sarah, 5738

22th MarCheshvan, 5738

Motzoei Shabbos Vayeitzei, Tes Kislev, 5738: One should take a lesson in Divine service from the unfathomable incident that occurred with Sadat. It was Sadat’s strong stand which showed others the door The lesson to be learned: when one stands firm, one succeeds. The approach of making concessions caused hundreds of deaths in the Yom Kippur War. Israel had enough weapons even without Washington’s help, so this was no reason to refrain from attack. One must confer only with military authorities who are well versed in the latest strategies. The rabbis must issue a ruling that surrendering territory is forbidden according to the Torah. The great demands of the Egyptian President are only for negotiation purposes, and one should not be frightened by them. America would be happy were Israel to stand firm on not surrendering territory, and hopes that they will be strong about it. In addition to being forbidden, giving away territory lays the groundwork for defeat in war and certain danger to life (while the chances for peace are doubtful!).

Letter of Teves, 5738

Motzoei Shabbos Mishpatim, 5738: When people conduct themselves according to Torah, they bring true peace to the world. The simultaneous act of settling all the territories will nullify all the pressures. Surprise at how the ruling of the "Great Assembly" forbidding surrendering land is not publicized.

Motzoei Shabbos Tzav, 5738: The most important thing is to silence the "fearful and softhearted." One who goes to war because he is commanded to do so in the Code of Jewish Law is assured that he will return home safely. Settling the entire land immediately is mandatory because of the danger to life involved. It is impossible to rely on "peace treaties" for protection. Settling the entire land depends only upon two people. If they do not settle the land immediately — even self-sacrifice will not help afterwards. When they will do this with determination, America will also be happy.

Motzoei Shabbos Shemini, 5738: A "peace treaty" causes danger to life, especially when the treaty depends upon unstable regimes. They have stopped speaking about what happened last Shabbos, and in reality they are not settling the land. In Operation Litani they left the city Tyre untouched because of political pressure.

Motzoei Shabbos Acharei-Mos, 5738: It is now clear that "non-Jews are planning to attack," particularly since there have already been victims of terrorist attacks (without reprisal).

Adar Rishon, 5738

Purim Koton, 5738

Purim, 5738: The success which Israel saw in the north was due to the fact that they did it quickly, without taking into consideration the world’s opinion, nor that of Jews who feel inferior. When Jews take a strong stand, they emerge victorious, possibly even without war. The pressure from America is not because of truth and justice, but because they need Arab oil. Settling the entire territory without taking the non-Jews into account prevents pressures and wars. Delaying the settlement of the entire territory strengthens the terrorists, as we have seen in past wars. In a matter of life and death it is obligatory, according to Jewish Law, to ask a military person, who responds according to security considerations and not political ones.

Motzoei Shabbos Emor, Eve of 14th Iyar, Pesach Sheni 5738: On the one hand, they announce that Judea and Samaria belong to Jews on the one hand. On the other hand, they refrain from settling these lands. This only invites pressure from the non-Jews. The practice of compromise has caused loss of Jewish lives and provides a weapon to the enemies of Israel. Because of inferiority feelings, Israel left Sidon untouched — and they announced when a country gives weapons to terrorists, it does not preclude the possibility of friendship. Even an American expert in military affairs expressed shock at the fact that Israel did not conquer Sidon.

Lag BaOmer, 5738: The answer that The Land of Israel belongs to the Jews benefits even the non-Jew. The only claim which can possibly help — and the one they are embarassed to state to the nations — is the claim written in the Torah. Such an inner exile in relation to the non-Jew has never occurred in history — even outside the Land of Israel. The exile-oriented submission before the non-Jew is expressed in everything — in Chochmah, Binah, and Da’as; and in thought, speech, and action.

Motzoei Shabbos Bechukosai, 5738

Motzoei Shabbos Balak, Yud-Zayin Tammuz, 5738: Those who were prepared to surrender the territories, extended the exile and postponed the redemption for many years! The Jewish people is a chosen nation, and one must be proud of this. The purpose of the darkness of the exile is for the Jew to scream out to the Holy One to take them out of exile. A Jew, in essence, cannot become nullified by a majority — only non-Jews do.

Motzoei Shabbos Pinchas, 5738

Eve of Shabbos Vaeschanan, Tu BeAv, 5738: Jews should stop being embarrased in consequence of the non-Jewish feelings in their hearts and in the world.

20th Menachem Av, 5738: The Arabs state openly that they want to evict the Jews. The Torah predicted hundreds of years ago what would be the fate of every single place where there would be Jews. {???? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????}

Shabbos Re’eh, First day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5738: The Jews are the heart of the entire world. We see before our own eyes (from the incidents in northern the Land of Israel) that is impossible to trust the assurances of the Arabs! Removal of supervision and lack of settlement invites claims from Arabs and grave danger. Though the security situation in the Land of Israel is an open miracle from G-d, we require the opinion of a military authority within the framework of nature. Security achieved in stages is like performing a medical operation in stages.

During the visit of the Gerrer Rebbe OBM, 9 Elul, 5738: The Rebbe urged him to strongly publicize the ruling in the Code of Jewish Law. Such a ruling today is very timely. It will strengthen the nation, and will cause the "afraid and soft-hearted" not to interfere. If the words would be spoken forcefully, they would make an impression Above and, automatically, down below.

18th Elul, 5738: The surrender of even one inch of Land of Israel involves danger to life and the prohibition of "not granting them favors." The only way to true peace is when the peace is according to the Torah. Who knows how long the person upon whom the "Peace" depends will live? Besides preventing Jews from living in Old City Jerusalem and in Hebron — they even want to transfer the civil authority to the Arabs! The same mistake has been repeating itself since the Six Day War — and even previous to that, in the Suez Canal.

Motzoei Shabbos Ha’azinu, Yud Gimmel Tishrei, 5739: It is obligatory to obey everything which is written in Code of Jewish Law — and especially regarding abandoning territory, which is a question of saving lives. Those who call this period the "beginning of the redemption" lengthen the exile! It is impossible to prove from Midrashim something which contradicts an explicit law in the Rambam. All the military experts state that surrendering territory endangers lives. When they confused political considerations with military strategy during the Yom Kippur War, they paid for it with numerous deaths. All the military experts say that a "political solution" endangers lives; especially when "peace" depends in great measure on America — peace can be achieved even without surrendering land. Even though they already ceded land, it is not lost, and they can still take it back. When they state strongly that giving away land endangers lives, it will help. Concession leads to claims and claims bring to more concessions. Even if they do not give away land, Egypt will be forced to make peace. It is through G-d’s Providence that even the gentiles call the talks, "Camp David."

Leil Shemini Atzeres, before the 2, 3, 4, and 5th Hakkafos, 5739

Simchas Torah Day, 5739 (1979) : The Arabs want it all,and will not settle for autonomy and a Civil Police Force. Even hough the Arabs admit that the Cave of the Patriarchs includes the tomb of Abraham — they did not allow improvement work to be done there.

Motzoei Shabbos Bereishis, 5739

Motzoei Shabbos Chaye Sarah, 5739: The rabbis must publicize the ruling of the Code of Jewish Law regarding giving away land. When they stand firm on the truth, everyone will submit. Had they only stood firm during the Camp David talks, they would have succeeded in everything. Building a road across the width of Israel to connect Jordan to the Mediterranian means opening the way for all the Arabs. America is only interested in a piece of paper with a signature on it — even if Israel does not give away land. Added vigilance on "Who is a Jew" adds also to shleimus haAretz. Only through standing firm do we arrive at true peace. True Peace comes only from shleimus haAm, haAretz, and haTorah.

Motzoei Shabbos Vayeitzei, 9 Kislev, 5739: It says in the Torah that by even giving "straw and chaff," the land becomes "easier to conquer." Even a tiny piece of land is worth an entire treasury, and it is forbidden to give it away! Every Jew, deep down, does not wish to give away land. When the Jews stand strong, the gentiles run to follow them.

19th Kislev, 5739: The way of the Torah is the only way of True Peace. When the nations are "considering attacking," we are obligated to go out with weapons, even on Shabbos — even if there are many doubts about the matter. Since we are standing in the darkness of the exile, G-d shows us revealed miracles. The role of a diplomat is to avoid saying what he really thinks. Egypt could have received everything, and the next day gone back on their word; the miracle is that they did not agree. The Israeli politicians are hiding critical facts from the nation. Even before they granted "Autonomy" to the Arabs, the danger increased exponentially. Lethargy and weakness of the Jews enhances Arab self-confidence. Talks on "Autonomy" alone brought about Arab terror. The more they compromise, the more pressure and demands there are. A strong stance is expressed in actual deeds. An example: Taiwan — In the space of a moment, they nullified all previous signed treaties. The incident of Taiwan occured now to show us that a signature on a piece of paper has no substance! The only way to negate the pressure is to populate all the territories with Jews — all at once! It is possible to populate all the land in just a few hours. When America will see that it is a fait accompli, they will stop their pressure. Only permanent settlement will stop the pressures. It is easier to settle the territories today than it will be tomorrow.

Motzoei Shabbos Mikeitz, 5739 (1979): Limited prayer hours for the Jews is a result of Jewish inferiority complexes. The reason for it: To find favor in the eyes of the non-Jews. Giving away land of The Land of Israel causes a life-threatening situation. In such a case, there is no need for a King and Sanhedrin in order to go to war. The liberation of Jerusalen was the result of one General acting without orders. They are beginning to throw stones at soldiers and policemen as a consequence of the compromises.

Motzoei Shabbos Tetzaveh, 5739

Motzoei Shabbos Sisa, Parshas Parah, 5739: Capitulation leads to more capitulation. We must say an unequivocal "No!" to autonomy, because autonomy is nothing but the beginning of statehood. Attacks on Jews near Hebron is the result of the talks on Autonomy. "Autonomy in five years" will quickly turn into "autonomy in three years," which will soon become "autonomy in one month"! One will not be saved from the danger by simply calling it "Peace." All of the assurances to Israel about importing petrol, evaporated. America needed a signed piece of paper, even without Israel’s surrendering land. When the new pressures come, the piece of paper will become worthless. Egypt and all the OPEC countries are becoming shaky. What action of substance can people take? All the Jews should increase their level of Torah, mitzvos, and kosher education.

Purim, 5739: By Divine Providence, they started the talks on Jerusalem on Purim, when we read "It will be reversed." Besides Sinai, it is impossible for Israel to get oil from anyplace! The person who said that Israel has enough oil —is the same person who helped in selling children.... It is not possible to store enough oil in Israel for more than a few weeks. They are trying to silence protest not only in Israel, but also in America.

Motzoei Shabbos Vayakhel-Pekudei, Mevorchin HaChodesh Nissan, Parshas HaChodesh, 5739: Negotiation must be carried out with the determination of Mordechai, who "would not bow and would not prostrate himself." Diplomacy means misrepresentation of the facts!. When they stood firm on Jerusalem, it was taken off the agenda. During the entire process, Egypt only takes, and Israel only gives. Israel behaved in a manner of "Ufaratzta" and ceded land "in the west, east, north, and south." America needed to make peace, even without territoral compromise on Israel’s part. We have seen in the past that is is impossible to rely on America’s supervision.

Motzoei Shabbos Bemidbar, 5739: The test of everything in the world is the concrete result in practice. When a person considers the evil to be good, he deprives himself the possibility of returning to G-d. When one side receives everything, and the other side receives nothing, this is not peace! The other side continues taking non-stop, and thus his word has no value.

Second Day of Shavuos, 5739

Motzoei Shabbos Matos-Masei, 5739: They are silencing protest in order to get money for yeshivos! The claim that Israel has enough oil is the opposite of reality.

13th Tammuz, 5739: When "we see ourselves as grasshoppers," then "that is how we appear to them" — and who pays attention to a grasshopper? Our victories in wars were because our soldiers did not fear the non-Jews; and the deaths — because they feared the non-Jews. The Israeli government uses the method of silencing those who protest. Since that miraculous victory in the Six Day War, they have experienced failure after failure. In a life threatening situation, one is obligated to publicize the Jewish Law — even if it will not be obeyed. Even a minority who screams benefits the entire generation. Just as it is forbidden to submit to non-Jews, so is it forbidden, to submit to those who go against Jewish Law. Opening the borders also causes assimilation. Marriages involving invalid conversion to Judaism, results in the Jewish partner being denied the chance to repent.

15th Tammuz, 5739: In security matters one can only consult security people — and we have seen the outcome when they did not do this in the past.

13th Menachem Av, 5739

Leil Tu BeAv, 5739

Tu BeAv, 5739

20th Menachem Av, 5739: When people take bribes, their intellect twists their judgment. I was educated not to be silent when there is a need to cry out. Therefore, I do not worry about tarnishing my reputation. The way which our Rebbes paved for us: not to fear the non-Jew.

Shabbos Devarim, 5739: All the military experts say that giving away land results directly in loss of Jewish lives. The Arab rebellion in the north is the result of weakness in the Israeli position. It is still possible to take back the territories which were given away, since the Arabs have reneged on the agreement.

4th Elul, 5739: The Rebbe discusses how Jewish children have a special power to influence Israel not to return territories.

13th Tishrei, 5740: We clearly see that the Arabs are behaving according to the Talmudic dictum: "He who has one hundred, wants two hundred." The question is not "territory or peace," but "territory or a piece of paper." We must tell Washington that signing this was a mistake. We see that since signing the "Peace treaty," the situation has become worse than ever.

Leil Simchas Torah, 5740

Motzoei Shabbos Bereishis, 5740

Motzoei Shabbos Chaye Sarah, Mevorchin HaChodesh Kislev, 5740

Eve of Shabbos Vayeitzei, 5740

Shabbos Vayeitzei, 10 Kislev, 5740

19th Kislev, 5740

23th Kislev, 5740: The lesson we learn from Yosef: When we behave according to the Torah, the nations of the world resign themselves to the situation.

Conclusion of Chanukah, 5740: Talks about the ruling of the Great Assembly.

Shabbos Sisa, Parshas Parah, 5740: The need for and the purpose of miracles. The events of the Megillah are being played out again. Do not think about the quantity of the "hand of Esav," but the quality of the "voice of Ya’akov." The lesson from the name "Camp David." We must settle the entire land to prevent additional surrenders in the future. One must deal with the non-Jews from strength, and not out of feelings of inferiority. Judaism is founded upon the return to the Land of Israel.

Shabbos Vayakhel-Pekudei, Parshas HaChodesh, Mevorchim HaChodesh Nissan, 5740: They are also introducing the "thick darkness" into the Torah. The way of the Torah is to bring a source for a ruling, and not to shroud the truth. They must know that behaving "without bowing down" is what caused the "fear of the Jews" to fall upon them. As a rabbi one must protest, and act according to the experts. That rabbi who made a mistake must publicize that he acted contrary to the truth. His disciples are "Doson V’Aviram," whose whole purpose in life is to delay the redemption.

Shabbos Shelach, 5740

Eve of 14th Nissan, 5740

14th Iyar, Pesach Sheini, 5740

14th Shevat, 5740

Shabbos Mishpatim, 5740

Purim, 5740

Discussions during the visit of the Rebbe of Sadigora, 4 Tammuz, 5740

Yom Shelishi, 14 Elul, To the Children in Summer Camp, 5740

18th Tishrei, 5741

19th Tishrei, 5741

19th Kislev, 5741: Guarding holiness — this is The Land of Israel; Holy objects — these are the territories which surround it.

Shabbos Bo, 5 Shevat, 5741: Even today, Israel is grasping for floating straws. Their ruling against the Jewish Law results from accepting bribes. Because of the dangers to life involved in giving away land, it is irrelevant whether the territory once belonged to them or not. According to their demands, Israel must return Jerusalem and also Kfar Chabad. It is impossible to trust the one who says that we must return territories, because he was bribed.

24th Shevat, 5741

Shabbos Shemini, Parshas Parah, 5741: Those who fight against halachic conversions also fight against the fact that the Holy Land is indivisible and belongs only to the Jewish people as a result of its being an eternal gift from G-d. It is plain to see how the Egyptians are breaking their commitments. Their broken agreements are G-d’s way of testing Israel.

First Day of Rosh Chodesh Iyar, 5741

Days of Elul, 5741

During the visit of Rabbi Efraim Eliezer HaCohen Yolles o.b.m., Second Day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, 5742

22 Sivan; 3 Tammuz; 7 Tammuz, 5742: According to the Torah it is obligatory to complete Operation Peace for the Gallilee. G-d has shown us open miracles. One must not take political considerations into account while the security of Jews is being threatened. Strengthen trust in G-d, and increase performance of Torah and mitzvos among the soldiers. Increase our level of charitable donations to those in need, doing so in the merit of the soldiers.

Leil Shemini Atzeres, 5742

Shabbos Noach, 5742

10th Teves, 5742: No one has the right to give parts of the Land of Israel to non-Jews, since the land belongs to all the Jews in every generation. In order to bring about true peace, one must behave according to the Torah, and the Torah tells us that we must speak the truth.

24th Teves, 5742: G-d forbid that one should say that a Jew would even suggest surrendering one piece of the Land of Israel! There has never been such a thing among the Jewish people — that a Jew should say that the Jewish people can stay for another two thousand years in exile, G-d forbid! His words were disseminated among enemies of the Jewish people; there can be no greater antagonism to the nation than this! It is impossible to bring peace closer by actions which increase the danger. The Camp David Agreements comprise a hardship for the Jewish people such as has never befallen them before. Until this day, they are not able to free themselves of the complications caused by this treaty!

Leil 3 Tammuz, 5742

6 Tishrei, 5743: Because the territory of the Land of Israel is a gift from the King of kings, we must treat it accordingly.

Erev Yom Kippur, 5743: When we behave according to the Torah, we automatically neutralize all negative influences.

Leil 13 Tishrei, 5743: When the children of Israel stand firm, as they are meant to, not only do the nations give the requested help, but more than this — there is no need to even request it of them! This lesson pertains to every single individual Jew. By learning Torah and performing mitzvos we enhance the security of the Jewish people.

Night Before the Third Day of Sukkos, 5743: They announce that [the State of Israel] is the "beginning of the geulah," but in practice — they are delaying the speedy arival of the geulah!

Night Before the Sixth Day of Sukkos, 5743: The pressure of the nations is only superficial. A Jew who feels inferior to a non-Jew is trapped in an internal exile, and he sends his soul into exile as well. The argument does not center around whether to give a inch of land to a non-Jew; the point of disagreement is whether G-d is "the boss!"

Shabbos Chayeh Sarah, 5743: They are elevating the opinions of the politicians over that of the military. When one starts a war, he must bring it to its conclusion as swiftly as possible. Those who say that is the "beginning of the geulah" are trapped in an inner exile — they are calling darkness, light.

19 Kislev, 5743: When Jews approach non-Jews as freemen, with an upright stance, they cause G-d to "walk with you in freedom," "and I will give peace in the Land." They maintain thousands of soldiers in Lebanon —but they do not allow them to conclude the operation for which they were sent there. Those who made the fateful mistake in the Yom Kippur War are making the same mistake — a fact which brings many deaths every single day!

Shabbos Vayeishev, 5743: After the "Peace Treaty" with Egypt, Egypt sends terrorists into Israel! Would Abraham have agreed to cede land which is vital for security to Egypt?

10 Teves, 5743

13 Adar, Fast of Esther, 5743

Shabbos Vayikra, 5743: The exile is so enveloping that the Arab claim, "you are robbers because you stole the land" is heard coming not only from gentiles, but even from Jews!

During the visit of Rabbi Efraim Eliezer HaCohen Yolles o.b.m., First Day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, 5743: The Israeli politicians have placed soldiers in a situation in which they are forbidden to shoot, even as they are being shot at. An enemy who is being given greater power will not seek peace.

25 Iyar, Address to the Lubavitch Women’s Organization, 5743: No one has permission to give away land of Land of Israel without first gaining permission from every single Jew who exists,wherever he may be! When there will be peace among the Jewish people, this will cause peace in the world.

Eve of Shavuos, 5743

Shabbos Mikeitz, 5744: We now clearly see how utterly worthless the Camp David agreement was. Even after Israel promised the Arabs — and even under oath — it is forbidden to keep the promise. The worst possible situation is to begin a certain task and to leave it unfinished in the middle. If in the past they were prepared to capitulate in return for a piece of paper, now, they are prepared to capitualte simply in exchange for an oral promise. There are such great feelings of inferiority in the Israeli camp that they have established a committee to investigate Jewish participation in the Sabra-Shatila massacres. When something hurts — one screams! Advice which will certainly help: Increased prayer — at the beginning of the prayers, say: "I hereby take upon myself to fulfill the mitzvah ‘Love your fellowman as yourself,’" and at the conclusion of the prayers: "Indeed, the righteous will extol Your Name; the upright will dwell in Your presence."

Shabbos Bo, 5744: After bitter experience, they continue in the path of concession and compromise. Not only did the "Peace Treaty" with Egypt not stop bloodshed, but it brought about greater audacity amongst the Egyptians and the terrorists — which has caused hundreds of deaths, (may G-d save us)!

First Day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5744: Through shleimus haAm (Jewish love and unity), and shleimus haTorah (everyone imbued with Torah and Judaism), we hasten the achievement of shleimus haAretz.

Purim, 5745: The descent (G-d save us!) began with Camp David. Instead of ending the operation in a few days, the politicians restricted the military and caused death and humiliation!

Zos Chanukah, 5746: In exchange for the Nobel Prize, they are prepared to place the entire Nation Who Dwells in Zion in danger! Before Camp David, the Arabs trembled before Israel’s strength — but since Camp David, the opposite is true. The media are supressing the facts. They are forcing party members to vote against their concience. There was never a chaotic educational system such as the one in Israel today.

Shabbos Chaye Sarah, 5746: They do not learn from past mistakes. If he cannot stand the pressure, he should resign from his job! Despite the heavy price they paid for the "Peace Treaty," they did not gain anything! They began with Yamit, and now they are preparing to give away Judea and Samaria — and are even thinking about Jerusalem! Those who claim that compromising vital security in exchange for a "Peace Treaty" is the view of the Torah, should bring proof for their words! In the Declaration of Principles, Israel placed the Muslims before the Jews! The need to increase the level of joy.

Shabbos Vayeishev, 5748: The educational system is worsening in Israel. Instead of publicly declaring the exclusive Jewish ownership of the Land of Israel, they continue attempts to give away parts of it. The Al-mighty finds it fitting to designate Jewish Law as "His statutes and judgments," but Israel’s leaders consider it below their dignity to fix Israeli law according to His statutes!

Shabbos Naso, 5748: The existence of the Jewish Nation depends on Torah. Without the Torah, the Jewish people have no right to settle in any part of the Land of Israel. Our children must be educated in this way.

Shabbos Matos-Masei, 5749

Shabbos Ha’azinu, 5749

During the visit of Mr. Oded Ben-Ami during distribution of Dollars for Charity, 6 Nissan, 5750: When they begin to compromis, it can go on infinitely.

28 Nissan, 5750

Shabbos Bereishis, 5751

Shabbos Chukas, 5751

Shabbos Bereishis, 5752

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