Chapter Six

Protest is Effective
Even a Minority which is Vocal Benefits the Entire Generation
The Most Important Thing Now is a Bitter Protest
If This Were a Sustained Protest — it Would Succeed

Together with his negation of the various arguments, the Rebbe reveals that the act of protest is effective, and "even a vocal minority benefits the entire generation."

On 13 Tammuz 5739 (1979) the Rebbe explained that there is a lesson to be learned from the episode of the spies. The lesson is that the opinion of an individual, or even a tiny minority who speaks out — even though everyone else remains silent — is taken into account. In the episode of the spies, the entire congregation, including ten of the twelve spies, complained, that in the Land of Israel there are "large and fortified cities;" only the barest minority claimed the opposite — yet in the end, the entire nation became aware that there were those who valued the Land of Israel.

As we have explained, the Rebbe establishes the principle that one is obligated to resist and protest — though not necessarily because it will help. In the end, says the Rebbe, it will help!

For example, in the address of 19 Kislev 5743 (1982), the Rebbe pleaded:

My fervent hope is, that the words we have spoken will help, at least from now on, and at least in some small measure. Perhaps more peple will join in, to scream about the horrible situation. And they will do it without embarassment, and not from behind a curtain. Especially those who reside in Israel. One should bang his fists on the table if necessary, because we must remember that upon this issue rests the very security of Israel.

The immediate result of such protest will be a) the cessation of surrendering more lands which are controlled by Israel, and b) making it impossible to hide under the carpet (even if the matter causes pain) the great damage and hardship which flowed from the surrendering of oilfields to the Egyptians, and other such capitulations.

In a letter dated 25 Shevat 5741 (1981), the Rebbe writes more explicitly, that protest has the power to effect change, and will ultimately succeed:

In my opinion, the most crucial task facing us at this time, is to protest about the current security situation in the most stinging fashion possible — against caving in to endless pressures, which directly erode Israel’s security. Another important point, in my opinion (perhaps because I am overly optimistic), is that were the protest to be non-stop and with the greatest intensity — as the situation demands — it would eventually succeed, in the near future.

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